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Posted 1 year ago

Someday soon, before the 50th Anniversary Doctor Who episode premieres, I’m going live tweet the 8th Doctor film, tagging Brandi so she can be fan-mad at me for making her watch it in the first place.

(She isn’t the biggest fan of it. I love the entire cheesiness of it all)

Posted 1 year ago

A Nerdy Christmas

By Brandi Lacy

My friend Brandi made me a Christmas CD, wherein she rewrote one of the tracks to fit my nerdy mentality. It’s just too much. Too much I TELL YOU.


Posted 1 year ago

Best Halloween Ever?

Retweeted by Clark Gregg and I have a new Mew Mew?

Best Halloween Ever.

Posted 2 years ago

Things I do….


I know that LJ is going to kill me for this. Well, I am pushing my way into her wife’s life but I couldn’t resist this idea.

One of my amazing co-workers is an aspiring actress. She has an amazing voice and a commanding presence. Plus, she’s very beautiful.

As this is Tumblr, the place where fandom goes to flourish and become crazed, I thought I would create a little Tumblr for her.

Fuck Yeah, Brandi Lacy

It’s only just the beginning. Plus, if I help her get famous, she’s going to get me into the parties with Hiddleston and Gregg. WIN!

You don’t have to follow if you don’t want to. It’s only in its beginning stages and it’s just a rough draft right now. But know that I believe in this girl’s talent and see her going far.