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Brandi’s Captain America cards. They were mint with slight foxing on the edges. #Coulson #CaptainAmerica #SonofCoul

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Best Halloween Ever?

Retweeted by Clark Gregg and I have a new Mew Mew?

Best Halloween Ever.

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Son of Coul and Hipster Thor

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Taking a break from animating because I finally figured out what Cobie Smulders’s bit on the gag reel reminded me of.

… Which of course made me sad. So I had to cheer myself up.

Ok yes so I just wanted to draw Avengers as LOTR characters what of it

Thor is Gimli don’t try to talk me out of this one

The tears of laughter keep flowing out of my soul. It hurts to breathe.

The laughter. Oh God, the laughter….

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My 3 year old niece is insanely nerdy. I buy and read her all the Avengers books I can. She’s watched avengers cartoons, Spider-man, and wants to be FireStar for halloween. 

But recently I realized… She has no idea who Phil Coulson is. He never appears in the cartoons she watches. She’s not old enough to see the movies. He never appears in the books I bought her.

So I made this book for my niece so that next time she comes over she can see the best honorary Avenger there is. 

This is for you, Phil Coulson.

(none of the art is mine)

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This needed to be a photo set.

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I return home from a long day of studying and frustration to find my tea from Adagio had arrived! Nerd themed tea! (Taken with Instagram)

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Coulson! (Taken with Instagram)

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Avengers Buttons! (Taken with Instagram)

Courtesy of allonsyblue

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The Seven Steps of Grieving Agent Phil Coulson


1. Denial
2. Denial
3. Denial
4. Denial
5. Denial
6. Denial
7. Acceptance that he’s not dead.

Or you could just go skip to seven without the self-loathing.
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Just checked Twitter and saw this. MOST PERFECT COUPLE EVER.